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Whether or not you have dental insurance, we do our best to provide our patients with flexible payment options in order to pay for the quality dental treatment they deserve.

Our treatment coordinators are well versed in dealing with dental insurance. If you have dental insurance, rest assured we are doing a lot to make sure that you are getting the most from your insurance possible. In addition to submitting your claims to your insurance, we also spend a lot of time gathering information about your policy, including maximums, deductibles and plan limitations. We use this information to help keep you informed about your estimated costs for treatment.

Please remember that no insurance plan is meant to cover all dental expenses. You are responsible for any charges not paid by your policy. Because of this, we encourage you to stay abreast of your insurance coverage and sign up for access to your account through the internet; many insurance carriers list their website on their ID cards. Our treatment coordinators are glad to discuss any questions you have about your dental plan. If you are exploring buying insurance, please download our informative and helpful brochure by clicking here.

Payment for services is due on the day they are provided. Payments by Cash and Check are welcomed. We also accept most credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

For services that take multiple visits, we offer the flexibility of paying your portion in two (2) or three (3) monthly payments. Please understand that the first installment is due the day treatment begins.

If you are interested in additional payment options, Care Credit might be for you. Care Credit provides flexibility and convenience when paying for a wide range of expenses that typically aren’t covered by insurance. Promotional financing options, even 0% interest, are available for purchases over $200. Learn more about Care Credit by clicking here.

For times when your financial obligation exceeds $1,000, we offer a discount for paying in full. If you pay your portion in full with a Credit Card, you will receive a 3% discount. The discount increases to 5% if you pay by check or cash. In order to receive this discount, payment must be made the day treatment is initiated.

After scheduling your initial visit, we will ask you to complete our registration form. If you have opted to print out this form and bring it to your appointment, please download and print one of the following forms:
Adult Registration Form
Child Registration Form

The highest compliment our patients can give is the referral of their family and friends. We gladly acknowledge this compliment by offering a reward, in the form of a gift certificate, to any current patient who refers a person or family to our practice.

Patient privacy is of the utmost importance to our staff, and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. We follow the standards set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Each of our patients is asked to review the HIPAA information at their first appointment and sign a form acknowledging understanding of this policy (we will ask parents/guardians to sign this form for patients under age 18).
“For more information on HIPAA, we encourage you to visit the United States Department of Health & Human Services website at” You can view our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

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